About Dr. Craig


The founder of The Los Angeles Astrology School, Dr. Craig Martin, began his career in 1988. What had started as a practice in holistic healing, soon developed into an astrology counseling practice. In turned out that astrology chart readings strengthened the level of spiritual healing in the people Dr. Craig worked with. He took his lifetime of studying worldwide spiritual practices and applied it to individual wellness. His focus on teaching self-awareness and acceptance gave clarity and balance to anyone willing to look deeper within themselves. Struggle, transition, and times of confusion are simply outward expressions of a deeper need to understand oneself.

By 1999 Dr. Craig’s love of astrology developed into a larger commitment in which he felt a need to teach. What began as a small educational meetup, soon turned into something that needed a syllabus for beginners of an entire course of study. For Dr. Craig, astrology was a subject that required a complete curriculum. The foundation of which is The Los Angeles Astrology School.

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