About The School


The Los Angeles Astrology School began in 2004 when the school’s founder realized that people wanted to learn astrology as a language for self-awareness. That, combined with everyone’s popular love of the subject led to the creation of a class curriculum and course of study.

There are many varied mystical and intuitive arts. Equally, there are many ways to learn. Our school offers astrological learning in a traditional, time-honored approach. We believe that the foundation of astrology rests in its origins, and that any study of astrology must encompass an in-depth understanding of the basics. Our courses revolve around classical Western astrology and the zodiac we are all familiar with.

The Los Angeles Astrology School offers small sized classes; providing for a more personalized study. Our courses are designed to meet your needs whether you are interested in a basic beginner’s understanding or a more advanced knowledge of the subject. Whatever level of knowledge you are looking to achieve there is an opportunity to take a complete class at that level.

Since astrology is a subject of self-awareness all classes incorporate your own personal chart into the teaching. By applying what is learned to our own individual charts we gain a level of understanding that is not possible without this level of direct experience. The intention of astrology’s capacity for self-understanding is thereby preserved at the school.

Our vision is to provide students with a working understanding of astrology so that they might gain greater self-knowledge and eventually the ability to offer self-understanding to others. Our perspective is to approach the study through a spiritual lens. The Los Angeles Astrology School believes that once some level of self-awareness is achieved the predictive aspects of astrology can be used for our greatest good.

Instructors at the school, include, Dr. Craig, the founder, and Kristina Martin.

Kristina Martin is a graduate of the Los Angeles Astrology School. In 2015, she advanced to a teaching position at the school. She continues to attend up to date conferences and lectures. In addition to teaching at the school, she offers private readings and tutoring to all levels of astrology experience.