May 26, 2021

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius this month gives us a chance to look at the meaning in our lives. Sagittarius is a especially good at gaining perspective and this moon cycle wants us to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us. Also the idea of freedom and space is important with this moon. Do you have enough? Do you want more? This moon will illuminate how much room we have in our lives.

May 11, 2021

New Moon in Taurus. As spring is in full bloom we get another chance to plant a seed with this moon. With Taurus we can pay attention to our bodies and the physical world. What resources do we currently have and are they working for us? Do they make us feel safe? If not, set an intention with this new moon to start building on what it is that will make you feel protected and secure.

April 26, 2021

The full moon in Scorpio illuminates more then just the shadows. Scorpio, the sign of privacy and secrets is giving us a full emotional kick in the pants. This full moon works to illuminate that which is hidden. It is an excellent time to excavate the depths and let go of something you’ve been holding onto for too long.

April 11, 2021

New Moon in Aries. If you want something to sprout, plant your intentions now. Our creative expression and desires for a better future start from deep within us. When we connect with the subconscious and plant the seed, the world becomes our oyster. Even the fiercest of goals starts from a small sparked ember.

March 28, 2021

Full Moon in Libra. With the Sun in Aries, and the Spring of 2021 upon us, this full moon is giving us a chance to view our identities within the relationships we have. Maintaining our individualities and our own positions on things, we also have to give way for a little compromise. This full moon shines light in the context of relationships. We must allow space for others to be themselves while also not losing sight of our own needs and desires.

March 12, 2021

New Moon in Pisces. A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are in the same spot in the sky. The light from the sun shows only a silver of the moon. Through this darkness we discover shadows. And in the shadow of the Moon we can we can find our way back to source. Plant the seed to start the healing process with this New Moon.

March 01, 2021

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